Sea, well-being and serenity

Imagine ploughing through the crystal-clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, enveloped by a salty breeze caressing your face
Let the waves lull you as you drift away from the coast, towards a world of natural wonders to discover.

vivi il mare

a few minutes from us

Admire the fascinating cliffs emerging from the sea, witnesses of a millennial past. Explore secret bays and hidden coves, where you can dive into clear waters and immerse yourself in an enchanted silence

The vivid colours of the rocks, the deep green of the coastal vegetation and the deep blue of the sea will merge into a breathtaking panorama. Reach theisland of Elba, enchanting jewel of the Tuscan archipelago, and let yourself be enraptured by its wild beauty. Breathe deeply, let the wind blow all your worries away, and enjoy this extraordinary boat adventure where your dreams come to life.

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Find theserenity
Find theserenity

Only when you arrive at the foot of the Poggio do you understand
A kilometre of dirt road awaits you, but you feel as if you are entering another world, where
another world, where nature is the protagonist and you are the guest of a wonder
that cannot fail to amaze you.