Letto matrimoniale La Mangiatoia

Our rooms

Exclusive services to pamper you at all times and for a rest beyond expectations

choose your rest

Our rooms are furnished with taste and attention to detail,
with modern furniture and fine fabrics that create a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Rest and unplug

Scenery, silence, relaxation

Immerse yourself in the silence
that only our rooms can offer
Treat yourself to a moment to yourself,
close your eyes and experience a magical moment.

Spacious and comfortable

Relaxed and cosy atmosphere

The ideal place to relax and enjoy every moment of your trip
quality services to make your holiday truly special
Every detail is designed to create a perfect harmony between elegance and comfort.

The details that make the difference

Rustic and modern

The warmth of the exposed oak beams and the elegance of the modern lines of the furniture give the room the ideal place to relax

To ensure a peaceful sleep, we have chosen linen sheets, a fabric known for its freshness and pleasant feel on the skin
You can wrap yourself in soft pillows and blankets, and enjoy a restful night ‘s sleep in this quiet and cosy room.


Spacious and cosy

The bathrooms are a true haven of tranquillity, an oasis of relaxation awaiting you

All have magnificent open showers, protected by an elegant glass wall and spacious, allowing you to move freely and enjoy the water gently falling over your body

Each bathroom is equipped with every comfort, with a large rain shower and soft cotton towels and toiletries

Soak in the shower, letting the water envelop you completely, melting away all tension and worries. Your thoughts drift away, as the gentle melody of the flowing water lulls you into an embrace of serenity. The crystal protects you, creating a feeling of intimacy and privacy that allows you to relax completely

As you indulge in the pleasure of the water caressing you, you realise how precious this moment is. You feel grateful for the opportunity to have such an atmospheric experience, where your dreams become reality

Give yourself all the time you need, immersing yourself in this wonderful experience. Let the dreamy tone of your voice accompany you on this journey of relaxation and well-being.

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Find theserenity
Find theserenity

Only when you arrive at the foot of the Poggio do you understand
A kilometre of dirt road awaits you, but you feel as if you are entering another world, where
another world, where nature is the protagonist and you are the guest of a wonder
that cannot fail to amaze you.